Slow Food South Bay Leadership Team 

2014 – 2015 BOARD MEMBERS

Mary Petron Bottega, Chapter Chair, has been passionate about using only the freshest of ingredients when preparing her meals ever since 1980, when she lived in Italy, where daily shopping at markets or corner stores was the norm. With her move to the Golden State late that year, Mary was delighted to find a continuous supply of fresh fruits and vegetables at farmers markets and local orchards. She has attended numerous Slow Food events since becoming a member in the Fall of 1999. She firmly believes in – and lives – the “Buy Fresh Buy Local” creed.   Email:  chair AT slowfoodsouthbay.org

Pat (Patricia) Nichols, Chapter Vice-Chair, has been an active gardener since the age of 10 and an organic gardener in Campbell for 46 years. For the past decade since retiring from teaching at SJSU, she has been learning to develop her cooking skills and improve her gardening techniques. Workshops through Common Ground in Palo Alto and John Jeavons’ research garden in Willits have greatly improved her fruit and vegetable production, and cookbooks like those by Jessie Cool, Molly Kazen, and Laura Stec have introduced her to new worlds of flavor.  Email:  vice-chair AT slowfoodsouthbay.org

Pat (Patrick) Moran, Chapter Secretarygot his introduction to the importance of thinking about food from his father, who emigrated from rural Ireland. As a child Patrick did not fully appreciate why his Dad would insist upon food based on simple, quality ingredients not processed food. In those early years Patrick had a hard time accepting that there would be no Wonder Bread on the Moran table, but now with the perspective of many more years, he realizes that his Dad was actually ahead of his time. Nowadays Patrick starts with his CSA box of veggies and does his best to prepare quality, healthy meals. In Slow Food Patrick sees some of the same ideals that he was brought up with, and hopes to foster through our South Bay chapter.  Email:  secretary AT slowfoodsouthbay.org

Dagmar Logie, Chapter Treasurer  –  Slow Food’s principles resonate with Dagmar, who grew up in post-war Austria, when food was scarce and families relied totally on locally grown food. Pulling fresh carrots from the garden, picking cherries off a farmer’s tree, gathering wild mushrooms in the woods were formative childhood memories. Similar opportunities need to be created, especially in our sub/urban environments, where the knowledge of the source of food is often absent. Dagmar considers it important to pass on one’s own family traditions of cooking, as it represents our cultural heritage. Preparing meals with fresh ingredients and sharing them with family and friends over conversation is one of life’s most satisfying and simplest pleasures.   Email:  treasurer AT slowfoodsouthbay.org


Mary Clark Bartlett, Jessica Campbell, Ann Duwe, Jessie Herr, Judee Humburg, Janet Lorenzin, Debbie Rose, Joni Sare, and Scott Vanderlip.