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Food, culture, politics, and the natural environment are interconnected aspects of life. Through our choices as consumers, we have the power to change how food is cultivated, processed, and distributed – both locally and globally.

Slow Food approaches food through the principles of good, clean and fair. As cooks and diners, we can choose to purchase food that is produced naturally, without chemicals, and locally, safeguards the health of its producers and the environment, and ensures fair treatment and just pay for those who produce our food. By doing so, we help to create a global food system based on environmental sustainability, humane treatment, social justice, and cultural diversity.

The Bay Area has many food producers and businesses who seek to create such a food system. Among them are community-supported programs, farms, small businesses, artisan food crafters, restaurants and farmer’s markets. If your business expresses our Slow Food values and you would like to be listed as a Slow Resource, select the Add a Resource tab to access a form for submitting a request.