Slow Food South Bay Leadership Team

The Board:

scottScott Vanderlip – Chair Scott is a Los Altos Hills backyard chicken farmer and bee keeper. I have always been into backyard gardening, the environment and keeping myself healthy by healthy food options.  Many of our problems we face today with basic declining health of humans and the troubled planet can be traced back to poorly thought out food decisions.  For years, I have been promoting everything from school gardens, chicken coop tours to neighborhood farm stands to reconnect humans back to local and sustainable agriculture that we all need to rediscover in our lives.
Scott’s two-year term is 2017/2018.

Contact Email: scott@slowfoodsouthbay.org


Kim Marinucci Acker – Vice Chair:  Kim grew up in San Jose influenced by her father’s Italian immigrant family where long Sunday gatherings centered around food. She is inspired by ecological farming as a solution for many of humanity’s problems. In her kitchen, Kim enjoys the meditative practice of cooking seasonally as a source of sacred connection. Rooted in the work of Wendell Berry, she is committed to building community and participating in local economies. She is a Kiss the Ground soil educator, a climate justice activist, a Hidden Villa outdoor education leader, and the Slow Food South Bay partner liaison between Hidden Villa and Kitchen Table Advisors. She lives under a canopy of shady oaks in a 1930s log cabin on the Peninsula.


Hillie Salo – Treasurer:

Email: Hillie@SlowFoodSouthBay.org

Hillie’s two-year term is: 2017/2018.

Ann Duwe – Secretary:

Ann Duwe is a seasoned writer, photographer, travel planner and tour manager.   She joined Slow Food in 1999 during a trip to Italy’s Piedmont region, home of Slow Food’s international headquarters.  By chance she arrived there during that year’s Slow Cheese expo.  A day tasting beautiful artisanal cheeses converted her from member to Slow Food advocate.  She began attending Slow Food events locally in 2001 and has been part of the leadership team since 2007, where her specialty is farm tours and events.   She also makes piecrust from scratch and often plans meals around produce available in her backyard garden.

Ann’s two-year term is:  2017/2018

Email:  secretary@slowfoodsouthbay.org


 Joni Sare – Through her culinary classes, and with Slow Food, Joni aims to educate and inspire others to mindfully create wholesome meals. She believes eating healthfully is the best preventative medicine for our bodies, mind and planet. In 2005-07, she attended the esteemed Bauman College of Holistic Nutrition and Culinary Arts, and received 2 certifications: “Natural Chef” and “Nutrition Educator.” Since 2008, she is spending her time in the kitchen: cooking instructor, caterer and personal chef. In 2016, Joni received the prestigious “Best Personal Chef in Silicon Valley” award by the San Francisco Magazine.

Dagmar Logie  Slow Food’s principles resonate with Dagmar, who grew up in post-war Austria, when food was scarce and families relied totally on locally grown food. Pulling fresh carrots from the garden, picking cherries off a farmer’s tree, gathering wild mushrooms in the woods were formative childhood memories. Similar opportunities need to be created, especially in our sub/urban environments, where the knowledge of the source of food is often absent. Dagmar considers it important to pass on one’s own family traditions of cooking, as it represents our cultural heritage. Preparing meals with fresh ingredients and sharing them with family and friends over conversation is one of life’s most satisfying and simplest pleasures.


JessicaJessica Campbell  Slow Food is a passion Jessica grew up with, practices in her urban homesteading, and preaches in her day job as a nutritional therapist. Using food as medicine, Jessica sees the importance of growing food, cooking food, and celebrating food for the health of the individual, our community, and our planet. Jessica blogs about using traditional, heritage recipes, and preventative medicine. Her focus is the healthy bacteria that lives in the soil, nourishes our food, and populates our body with good health. She is a huge advocate and fan of small farms, holistic land management, artisinal food producers, and the people who value paying a fair price for quality food.


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