Tour de Coop, showcase your passion!

Here is your chance to get involved with our community.

In 2011, “Tour de Coop” started out as a self-guided tour of backyard chicken coops. A dozen or so “coopsters” opened up their backyard to introduce their chicken family to the a couple hundred people.

Six years later, we now include anything that has to do with urban farming, healthy lifestyle and community-orientated passions (see list, below).

In 2015, and since then, we surpassed 2000+ attendees! They all are moving about on the same day, the 3rd Saturday of September, between 9am – 4pm, visiting the locations that they want to see.

Please share with others in Silicon Valley your passions for urban farming, community building. Whether it is your backyard and /or front yard, or your business, or your kitchen!

Not only chicken coops are on this “self-guided tour,” but also, you can be on the tour if you have a:

  • bee hive
  • orchard
  • garden
  • solar panels
  • grey water system
  • urban farm
  • business, service
  • …anything healthy lifestyle…
  • …or community-orientated product or service

If you would like to have an opportunity to share with others in the Silicon Valley, then this event is for you!

The Silicon Valley Tour De Coop is really much more than just a few chicken coops – It’s really a celebration of the pleasures and rewards of living in a sustainable and nature-connected environment by everything from coops, bees, to solar panels, grey water systems, urban farming and healthy life styles and everything in between.

So, for the 2017 Tour De Coop let’s expand our tour to also focus on lifestyle and community and ways that allows each of us to live healthier lives for ourselves and also for the planet.  

To sign up your backyard to be on the tour, and for all the details, please go to our site:

Tour de Coop . org

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