39th Annual EcoFarm Conference

The Ecological Farming Association (EcoFarm) will present the 39th annual EcoFarm Conference January 23 – 26, 2019 in Pacific Grove, CA – Featuring over 70 workshops, intensives, keynote speakers, an exhibitor marketplace, seed swap, awards banquet, live entertainment, mixers, and organic culinary fare. Workshops cover practical and cutting edge information on crop production, livestock, soil health, marketing, distribution, and farming and food system issues. As the oldest and largest organic farming conference in the West, EcoFarm is a prime networking and educational hub for farmers, ranchers, distributors, retailers, activists, researchers, and educators. Join us!

Registration opens Wednesday, August 15th, 2018!

Saving Tomato Seeds

Do you have a favorite tomato? Want to save tomato seeds for next year to grow and share with friends and the Central Park Seed Library?

SCUCCE Master Gardener and founder of Silicon Valley Grows! One Seed, One Community, Hillie Salo, will guide participants in a hands on workshop to save tomato seeds. Bring your very ripe favorite tomato washed, and a jar with a lid. We will demonstrate what steps are necessary to preserve tomato seeds.

Seeds & Suds! Annual Meeting, 20-year celebration

Seeds & Suds! Annual Meeting, 20-year celebration

We are 20 years young, come celebrate with us.

4 alerts:

1) Bring a lawn blanket/beach blanket and lawn chairs

2) for the 6pm POTLUCK, bring a dish to share, and bring your own meat / veggies to grill (and seasonings). There are 2 grills at the picnic site. We will provide the charcoal, utensils and cutting boards.

3) Before our event: At 11am will be a “farewell” garden share at Full Circle Farm, across the street. Click here for the details.  At 12p – 1pm they will have a potluck lunch, and at 1pm they will walk over to our event at Raynor Park.

4) GAMES: At 7:30pm, Transition Palo Alto will take the lead after our potluck dinner with offering several games: a bean bag toss to test your coordination and memory, to board games, to cards, there will be something for everyone.

Slow Food South Bay’s
Annual Meeting
Sunday, July 23, 2017
1 – 8 PM
Raynor Park
1565 Quail Ave, Sunnyvale, CA 94087

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Seeds and Suds!
Slow Food, Slow Money …and more

  • Share seeds …bring seeds, and /or take seeds home
  • Make beer …this is a Silicon Valley Beer Week event
  • Conversations …talk with Slow Food friends and our Slow local experts on grey water, insect hotels, policies, GMOs, solar cooking, whole grains, and more
  • SLOW MONEY” …will present the world of  “cooperatives”
  • SLOW FOOD” …will share stories of our past 20 years, and conduct elections for new board members.

Our agenda…


Seed exchange: At 1pm, master gardener Hillie Salo, from Silicon Valley Grows & Slow Food South Bay will lead a seed swap. Also, a representative from Master Gardeners will be with us to answer any questions. Hillie will specifically talk about our Slow Food South Bay’s “Curate a Crop” project and the foods that are on the “Ark of Taste.” NOTE: it is not required to bring seeds to share in order to take seeds home with you. Also, the seed sharing will continue throughout the day.


We will celebrate “Silicon Valley Beer Week” …

View their event calendar to see all the events.     Click the logo, or go to SVBeerWeek.com

At 1:30pm, a beer making demo will begin –by the “Umunhum Brewing Cooperative.”  This is one of their “brew days” and their beer making process will continue until 4pm. About every hour, they will talk for 10 mins to discuss their process. Come any time, see the set up, the ingredients, learn the nuances of the process, tips and techniques from local experts and enthusiasts.


Conversations will be led by local experts, come talk with:

NOTE: If you want to lead a conversation, please write to JoniSare@gmail.com

Snacks and beer tastings will be available throughout the day. Bring your favorite beer, or –if you have enough–bring your home brew to share small tastings with others. Please bring local, wholesome snacks to share (homemade is best!).


“Slow Money South Bay” will introduce itself and talk about cooperatives.  Bob Gulino, President of Umunhum Brewing Cooperative  – will talk about the 1st beer co-op in California!   Hank Herrera, President of New Hope Farms  – will talk about the worker cooperative farm in the East Bay and borrowing money from Slow Money friends.  Slow Money is a ‘cousin’ to Slow Food –where local entrepreneurs and local investors meet and greet.


“Slow Food South Bay” is turning 20! Hear stories of the past 20 years, including Terra Madre festival in Italy (Sept 2016), and Slow Food Nations festival in Denver (July 2017). Set the scene for the next 20 years by being a participating member, and fill the 2 Board positions that are open. If you are interested, or want to nominate someone, please write (asap) for details:  info@slowfoodsouthbay.org


POTLUCK and BBQ: Bring a drink or a home-made dish to share. Please bring a list of the ingredients (some people have allergies and need to be able to eat without worry of having a reaction). Include your name, too, because we want to give kudos to who made the dish. Also, there are 2 grills at the picnic site, we will have charcoal, utensils and cutting boards. …so, bring your own meat/veggies to grill.


GAMES! Transition Palo Alto will take the lead after our potluck dinner with several games: a bean bag toss to test your coordination and memory, board games, cards,  …there will be something for everyone.


Please bring your own cup, plate, bowl, napkin and utensils (fork, knife, spoon). We will have some cups, plates, bowls, forks/spoons/knives, napkins for those who don’t bring their own.

Bring a sunscreen, beach blanket, beach chair, umbrella —any shade item is fine. Bring an ice chest to keep your potluck item cold, or bring a haybox to keep it hot.

We will have a couple of 5-gallon jugs of filtered water.


Questions? thoughts? ideas?
Contact Joni Sare:

Click the snail to RSVP!


Seed Day 2016: support AB 1810, the California Seed Exchange Democracy Act

Seed Day 2016: support AB 1810, the California Seed Exchange Democracy Act


Protect Community Seed Sharing from Herb Moore on Vimeo.

Click Here to visit the Brown Paper Tickets event page.

Seeds have been found in peoples’ back yards that were thought to be lost. Might your own special variety be more rare than you think? Come to our Seed Exchange event to find out!
See our schedule, at the end of this announcement.
This event is highlighting the Assembly Bill 1810, a bill written to ensure our rights are clearly stated for us to continue this time-honored tradition.
Sunday, April 17th is our Seed-Sharing Day …with speakers, seed sharing, letter writing, potluck, wine, movie and socializing with each other and the experts.

In honor of International Seed Day (April 26) the “Seed Exchange Democracy Act, AB1810” will be introduced to the community during our Seed Day 2016 celebrations. This act will allow communities to share seeds unencumbered by tests and fees. Come learn about and help support this new legislation.

This day is for you to learn why and how to save and share seeds.

Bring seeds to share, bring seeds home!

Required info:
If you bring seeds to share, you are required to identify the seed. Attach a sheet a paper with any information you have about your seeds. Blank forms will be available at our event for you to fill in and attach to the seed envelopes. The form will have these questions, please answer them as best you can:

  • Variety:_______________________
  • Common name: _______________________
  • Scientific name:_________________
  • Location of harvest (city):__________________
  • Year of harvest: _____
  • Days to maturity: ______
  • Seeds saved from ____ number of plants.
  • Grower’s name and contact info (optional):__________
  • Difficulty of seed to save:
     Easy  Difficult  Hand-pollinate
  • Include notes; and a short story of how you originally obtained the seed and how long you have been growing it.

In the note field, it will be good to include if the plant was organically grown or what type of pesticide/fertilizer was used; and if the seeds are “garden-saved seeds” or “commercial seeds.” Also good to know is if you obtained the right “isolation distance” among same species to avoid cross pollination.

Be sure to include a story! It’s been said by many folks that seeds are better with stories, best to keep it short and concise.

We will adhere to these Seed Protocols:

Come to our Seed Day 2016 event to hear:
– the lawyers from SELC (see below), who wrote the bill.
– Valerie Williams, a local expert (Ros’ assistant) will share how to harvest and store seeds.
– Hillie Salo (of Silicon Valley Grows) will talk about our local seed libraries, at various city libraries.
– Melody Summer Williams, a savvy 13-year-old, will show us how to save tomato seeds.

Keynote speaker? who else than our local –national garden/seed hero and aficionado– Ros Creasy, she will start off the day at 1pm.

See the schedule, below.

DATE: Sunday, April 17, 2016
TIME: 1pm – 9:30pm
LOCATION: Rancho Rinconada, Cupertino

LETTERS to your legislators:
We will have a table dedicated to letter writing! Hand-written letters are known to be the best way to get the legislators’ attention. Tell your legislator that you support AB 1810.

Bring seeds to share, we will have an official seed exchange, led by our local experts: Ros, Hillie, Valerie, Melody and Nancy Garrison.

POTLUCK dinner:
At 5pm, we will carry our seed sharing/exchange theme to the dinner table, so bring a dish or non-alcoholic drink to share (5 – 6 servings). Please keep in mind our Slow values: good, clean and fair, sustainable (organic and or local, made from your hands is the best!)

We have a lovely selection of wines (reds and whites) from HALLCREST in Felton, the first certified organic wine in the USA! It will be available at various times throughout the day.
$5/glass, and $20/unlimited pours (cash and credit cards accepted)

After our communal dinner, we will show the documentary: “Bitter Seeds,” and afterwards have a discussion and socializing.

Will be helpful for us if you RSVP, your donation is greatly appreciated. Limited capacity: 150 people.


DONATION: $5 – $15 suggested donation, no one turned away.
Proceeds will be used to promote AB 1810.Slow Food South Bay endorses and wants to help move this bill through the legislature.
They need, we want, your support.

“It’s nothing new. We’ve been doing it for 10,000 years, coming together at markets, town squares, in huts and in halls to swap seeds and stories. But the seed swap is being rediscovered by a new generation of plant people, and their collective joy, excitement, and knowledge is really at the core of the community seed movement.”  https://exchange.seedsavers.org/storage/38866EC9-4DC6-48A1-A267-31F0CEA8E1C6.pdf


About Ros Creasy



SELC – the authors of the bill:

The Sustainable Economies Law Center (www.theselc.org)

http://www.theselc.org/seed_democracy_AB 1810
…amends the California Seed Law to ensure that seed libraries, and other forms of noncommercial seed sharing activities, are not subject to the same labeling, testing, and permitting requirements that apply to large-scale commercial seed enterprises. For more background on this issue, see our Save Seed Sharing page:




Meet your Slow Food leaders!
Several Slow Food South Bay leaders will be attending this event, and will share with you what we are up to, and why they are involved with the sustainable food movement. Please say HELLO, and introduce yourself, we’d love to meet you.

  • Joni Sare, Chair
  • Jessica Campbell, Vice Chair
  • Hillie Salo, Leader
  • Jon Bender, Leader


Seed Day 2016 schedule

1 – 2pm  Ros Creasy, Board member Seed Savers Exchange – an overview of saving seeds

2 – 2:30pm  Valerie and Melody Williams – how to save seeds

2:30 -3:30pm  Seed Exchange, Meet the Garden Experts and Lawyers, Letter Writing, Potluck, Wine, Beer, Socializing

3:30 – 4:30pm  A movie short promoting AB 1810, followed by a panel discussion with the lawyers:

4:30 – 6pm  Seed Exchange, Meet the Garden Experts and Lawyers, Letter Writing, Potluck, Wine, Beer, Socializing

6 – 6:30pm  Hillie Salo, Silicon Valley Grows – seed Libraries at our local city libraries

6:30pm  Movie/documentary – “Bitter Seeds” with discussion afterwards.

9:30pm Goodbyes


Seed Libraries

What are the benefits of starting a seed bank in your community?

  • Preventing the loss of genetic diversity and the disappearance of local seed varieties
  • Generating seed that is adapted to thrive in the soils and climate of your region •
  • Increasing access to seed for all, but especially for first-time, low-income, and community-based gardeners
  • Educating your community on how to save seeds, and connecting them to our collective history of seed as a shared public resource
  • Strengthening your local food system and increasing food security, starting with seeds
  • Raising awareness and mobilizing actions around seed issues such as patenting and genetic engineering.


Do you have questions about this event, and or ideas for future events?
Please contact your Slow Food South Bay Chair, Joni Sare:

Seed Exchange 2015! and presentations, cooking demo, dinner and movie

Seed Exchange 2015! and presentations, cooking demo, dinner and movie

It’s time for a new relationship with seeds!


This event is for you to learn all about seeds, and take some home with you, too!

You will learn how to harvest and save seeds, how to recognize GMOs in your food, and how to cook with seeds. We will end the day with a seed-filled dinner and the popular “Open Sesame” movie.

Seed exchange, presentations, cooking demo, dinner and movie

Saturday, October 17, 2015
1:30pm – 9:00pm

Rancho Rinconada Park and Recreation
18000 Chelmsford Drive
Cupertino, CA 95014
(near Lawrence Expressway and Bollinger Road)

Portions of this event are free, see agenda, below.
Dinner and or movie tickets can be purchased here through Brown Paper Tickets.

Our agenda, come for the whole day, or come and go as you wish:

1:30pm – FREE – Introduction to savings seeds
Silicon Valley Grows” founder (and master gardener), Hillie Salo, will give us an overview of seed saving. She will tell us what it means to save seeds, the impact this has on our lives and the environment. Hillie will also tell us where our local Seed Banks are located.


2:30pm – FREE – Seed exchange
Hillie will lead our seed swap. Bring your seeds to exchange for other seeds. Bring your unidentifiable seeds and we will do our best to identify them for you.

3:30pm – FREE – GMO presentation
Joyce Eden, coordinator of Label GMOs/South Bay, will bring common packaged foods and will read through the labels. We will learn how and why to identify and avoid GMO foods and hidden GMO ingredients. Learn the secret code on your apple.

labelGMOs logo

4:30pm – FREE – presentation by Rosalind Creasy

Rosalind Creasy, author of “Edible Landscaping” and board member of Seed Savers, will tell with us why we eat what we eat today, the historical importance of Seed Savers (saving us from the ‘white-food’ empire, and the comeback of heirlooms). She will have Seed Savers’ catalogs to pass around.

5:15pm – FREE – Cooking demo
Slow Food leader Joni Sare will show you how to cook smart with culinary seeds. You will learn how to store seeds, mix and match them for ultimate flavor, and 4 ways to use seeds in your meals.


5:30pm – $10 – Dinner
Joni will prepare a seed-filled meal, cooked on site. RSVP required, pay through Brown Paper Tickets. This will be a gluten-free vegetarian meal, using seasonal organic local produce. Maximum number of people: 50 (seating is limited, buy your ticket soon!)

During dinner > Rosalind Creasy will do a short show-and-tell of selected food from her garden. And share information and stories on the seeds the Seed Savers have saved, and the current affairs of the “Seed Savers” organization.

6:30pm – $5 – Movie
“Open Sesame, The Story of Seeds,” RSVP required, pay through Brown Paper Tickets. Popcorn will be served. Maximum number of people: 50
(seating is limited, buy your ticket soon!)

“One of our world’s most precious resources is at risk. This dramatic and timely new documentary illuminates what is at stake and what can be done to protect the source of nearly all our food… SEEDS.” Links for the movie trailer are below. This movie is brought to us by Victoria Armigo, Full Circle Farm and Transition Silicon Valley.

Full Circle Farm

8:00pm – Movie discussion
This will be led by the leaders of the groups who are co-sponsoring this event, see list, below.

9:00pm – Goodbyes



This event is brought to you by:
1) Slow Food South Bay (https://slowfoodsouthbay.org)
2) Silicon Valley Grows! (http://siliconvalleygrows.com)
3) Label GMO South Bay (http://www.labelgmos.org/san_jose)
4) Full Circle Farm (http://fullcirclesunnyvale.com)
5) Transition Silicon Valley (http://www.transitionsiliconvalley.org)


This event is in honor of FOOD DAY:
Food Day inspires Americans to change their diets and our food policies. Every October 24th, thousands of events all around the country bring Americans together to celebrate and enjoy real food and to push for improved food policies.


Movie links:




Open Sesame movie


Questions or comments, write to:

Or contact Joni Sare, Slow Food South Bay leader:



Reserve your dinner and /or movie ticket: 


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