A Winter Start For Your Summer Garden – Sunnyvale

February is the time to begin planning your summer vegetable garden. Instead of buying expensive transplants from the nursery, how about growing them yourself? It’s easy, fun, and inexpensive to start tomatoes, peppers, eggplants, cucumbers, squash, herbs, and many other vegetables and flowers from seed. This talk by Master Gardener Louise Christy will cover seeds, seed sources, planting seeds, germination, creating the right environment for strong growth, materials and equipment, and transplanting into the garden.

Wallace Stegner Lecture with Vandana Shiva

Presented by Peninsula Open Space Trust

Dr. Vandana Shiva advocates for a more equitable and sustainable food system that uses indigenous knowledge and a wide diversity of crops. She sees a return to nature and organic methods of farming as a solution for both food insecurity and climate change.

As a founder of the Navdanya initiative, she has established seed banks around India and programs to teach farmers organic techniques. Dr. Shiva links the degradation of the food system to the marginalization of women, and she is often seen as a leader of the global feminist movement for her work to elevate the importance of female farmers.

In her lecture, Dr. Shiva will touch on the connections between sustainable agriculture and conservation and link intersectional feminism with environmentalism.

This lecture is one hour and fifteen minutes long with no intermission. It is appropriate for those patrons 18 and over due to complex subject matter.

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