Edible Tree Walks

The best time to plant a tree is 20 years ago. The second best time is today. ~ Chinese proverb

Our Edible Tree Walks are so popular that we decided to make it an annual event, and to eventually do a tour in all South Bay cities. Contact us if you are interested in joining us, helping with organizing an Edible Tree Walk in your neighborhood.

Tree walks are the “signature event” for CANOPY, a nonprofit dedicated to honoring our city trees. In 2016, Slow Food South Bay suggested that they have an “Edible Tree Walk.” And, so we did, with the help of Transition Palo Alto. It was a huge success.

Edible Tree Walks, in the past:

  1. Palo Alto, Aug 2016
  2. Palo Alto, Feb 2017
  3. Los Altos, June 2017

Our guides:

  1. Michael Hawkins, Canopy
  2. Herb Fong, arborist
  3. Joni Sare, Slow Food South Bay
  4. Peter Ruddock, Transition Palo Alto
  5. Kris Jenson, GreenTown Los Altos

At the end of this post is the PDF file of our Los Altos Edible Tree Walk, June 25, 2017.

Links and resources:
….to recipes, people, events and places that were mentioned during our walks:

The BEST orange cake ever! …using 2 WHOLE oranges:
Joni’s favorite –this recipe uses 2 whole oranges, poached for an hour, then remove the seeds and blend the entire 2 oranges with 5 other ingredients to make a sumptuous moist cake.
Cluck for chickens! visit backyard chicken coop.
Click on: “Tour de Coop” 
Oldest trees in the world:
Images of roasted Bay Nuts

Groups, blogs, books, and more


  • Canopy.org
    “Our mission is to bring the life-giving benefits of trees to the schools, neighborhoods, and public spaces of the San Francisco Mid-Peninsula.”
  • GreenTownLosAltos.org
  • TransitionPaloAlto.org
    “Building a vibrant and resilient society for people and the planet.”
  • OurCityForest.org
    “Transform your community and yourself. Join us in our mission to cultivate our urban forest in Silicon Valley. There are so many ways to help! Let’s Get Dirty”
  • SunnyvaleTrees.org  (Sunnyvale Urban Forest Advocates)
    “SUFA is a volunteer group supporting the City of Sunnyvale and its residents in the planting and care of the City’s Urban Forest.”)

Self-guided Edible Tree Walk in Palo Alto is posted on Canopy’s website:

Acorn flour

Buy Acorn Flour from Sue, in Martinez:
Acorn recipes, by Joni Sare:
Acorn event:

Learn about, and buy acorn flour:


Acorn nutrition:


Joni’s acorn flour blog post:



Blogs and websites:


Redwood needle Tea:



John Farais
A Marin County chef and founder of “Indigenous Edibles” is a lecturer, cooking instructor,native plant specialist, and food educator.



Olives: Safe Methods for Home Pickling:




where botany meets the cutting board


Edible Flowers: Part Six

Pascal Baudar

Professional forager, wild food instructor, and a self-styled “culinary alchemist” based in Los Angeles.

Pascal Baudar on Urban Outdoor Skills
Pascal Baudar Facebook
Pascal Baudar Instagram

Pascal’s book: The New Wildcrafted Cuisine

Los Altos Edible Tree Walk brochure, June 25, 2017:

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