Grow a Row: One Seed One Community

Note: this page is under construction.

Thank you for your interest in saving and sharing seeds, welcome! Please, GROW A ROW for yourself, and…

Save a Row for Diversity

Two seeds, statewide:

We’re growing! This year, we will feature 2 seeds, and our program will encompass the entire state.

In the past, we have asked committed seed savers in our local area to grow heritage seeds. This year, we’re taking this “One Seed One Community” (OSOC) program STATEWIDE with the help of Slow Food California.

Click here to go to Slow Food California’s website, to read about the statewide program.

Our 2 beans:
  1. Jacob’s Cattle Bean
  2. Cherokee Trail of Tears

Our ‘kick-off’ event will be at the Slow Food California’s mixer at the national “EcoFarm” conference in Asilomar/Monterey Bay on Friday, January 25, 2019, at 5pm. Farmers attending this conference will be able to go home with the 2 seeds, and at the end of harvest will share their successes with us.

Interested? …have questions?

If you’re interested in this program, and you are in the South Bay, then please contact us:

If you’re outside of the South Bay, then please contact your local Slow Food chapter. If you do not have a local chapter, then please write to the above email address.

Beans grown across the state will help supply local city SEED libraries, where folks can go to their city library to “check out” seeds (as you would a book), and return your ‘new’ seeds in the fall, after harvest.

Our goals, locally:

Our goal is to raise 50 pounds, for the Silicon Valley Grows! One Seed, One Community program to disperse to “Seed Libraries,” at our local city libraries, and to local farms and gardens  …to help reestablish it.

Our goal is for Slow Food to support Seed Libraries throughout the state, and to…

Grow this year’s selection to support local Seed Libraries and other community groups, including La Mesa Verde.

Past crop selections:

2018, Yellow Indian Woman:  Click here for info and see photos of our “2018 Great Bean Weigh Off” harvest event.

2017, Petaluma Gold Rush Bean:  Click here for info about that bean and see photos of our “2017 Great Bean Weigh Off” harvest event.

2016, Swlksdj Lsieurowieu: Click here for info about….

The Ark of Taste is an international catalogue of endangered heritage foods which is maintained by the global Slow Food movement. The Ark is designed to preserve at-risk foods that are sustainably produced, unique in taste, and part of a distinct ecoregion.