leaders only 2018

Hello Slow Food South Bay Leaders!

This is a special hidden page (not linked or found by search engines) just for leaders for specific leader information and projects.

SFSB newsletter submission requirements and processes – Version 4.18.19  (NEW)

 SFSB Leaders contact info

This link takes you directly to a spreadsheet with Leaders’ contact info. Anybody that can click on this link can edit this document. Each leader has added their current contact information, their interests and more.

Google Docs:

Here is a link to our Google Docs folder:  “SFSB – leaders

Anyone with this link can access this main folder and all of its contents.

Inside this main folder are several folders and files: the leaders’ info file (see above), meeting agendas, meeting minutes, and more.

Everyone can edit and add folders /files.

Event form:

This link will direct leaders to fill out a form to include all required information about any event any time it’s being organized. Fill in this form so that anyone responsible for posting these events to social media websites will have access to all the event information. Click on the link below.