Slow Food South Bay Newsletter Article submission requirements and process

Version 4.18.19

This will still evolve as we refine it. Please keep a copy of this at hand.

Per the board members on 4/10:

  1. The primary focus of our newsletter is to promote SFSB and our events rather than other non-profits, etc.
  2. We’d like to build the newsletter audience (people who open the email) by having articles that are engaging and inviting to non-participants. In other words, the newsletter’s purpose is to get people excited about what SFSB is doing enough to get involved.
  3. Focus material on SFSB leader passions and articles, events and “not random info about various planet issues.” … from Scott.
  4. Articles that show the SFSB chapter is active, with events, projects, trips, and meetings. Having a good time together is key.



  1. One email per month sent on first (or close to) of the month. Articles due 20th of the previous month.
  2. Possible second email sent on the 15th TBD … more on this later. Articles due on the 5th. More on this later.


First of Month Newsletter includes:

  • Important News
  • What’s Coming Up
  • Recipe or Tip (long or short depending on other articles)
  • Past Events
  • Leaders meetings
  • If not a lot going on, we can add “Meet a Member”


  • Important News: One “report” by Scott or someone her asks to take this spot if he doesn’t have news.
    • Or “Meet Slow Food Member” Featured article on a slow food member or business, farmer, home gardener, cheese maker, non-profit, etc.
  • Large section on upcoming events
    • Large events like the Tour de Coup that need long term planning will be included
    • Small events like cooking classes, monthly activities and the like will low commitment should be no more than two months out. April’s should include for example, May / June.
  • In the news
    • What’s happening with Slow Food Intl. Policies, etc.
  • One recipe or short gardening tip. Something of value to the general public.
  • A small section on last month events: 1 or 2 events
  • The SFSB leaders meeting dates/times

To submit copy:

  • Edit article before you send it. Please use Grammarly, an English major friend, or Ann.
  • Articles should be kept as short as possible. Edit sentences. You lose people with rambling sentences and “it was fun” or “the food was good”.
  • Focus on the issue first and then the fun.
  • First of Month NL: sent on the first: articles due the 20th of the previous month
  • Second of month NL: articles due the 5th of the month
  • Send article directly to Barbie at barbienaknin@gmail
    • Please have subject line in say “SFSB April Newsletter”
    • Try and include one or two large edited photos
    • Include the name of the author, board position or title and website if applicable
    • Include all links to events and websites like this: Monterey Bay Seafood Watch:
  • Once you have sent me an article, I will reserve the right to make small edit changes. If there seems to be a big issue, I will email the author, Scott, and Ann for editing help and clarification.
  • Please don’t add it to MailChimp.



  • When taking pictures of people, announce that the photos will be published in SFSB newsletter and by being in the picture, each person gives consent to have their photo used for public and marketing purposes.
  • Ask that people remove dark glasses.

Send either pictures that you have edited if possible or any photo that is labeled for reuse off the internet for each article.