8th Annual TOUR de COOP

8th Annual Coop Tour is Coming!

The “Silicon Valley Tour de Coop” is really much more than just a few chicken coops – It’s a celebration of the pleasures and rewards of living in a sustainable and nature connected environment by everything from coops, bees to solar panels, grey water systems, urban farming and healthy live styles and everything in between.

So, for the 2019 Tour De Coop let’s expand our tour to also focus on lifestyle and community …and ways that allows each of us to live healthier lives for ourselves and also for the planet.  

Register now for the 2019 Coop Tour – September 14, 2019; 9am – 4pm


This event is FREE and open to anyone with an interest in coops, chickens, biking and urban farming!  Simply register, and you will receive an email with the Tour de Coop map. Print it out, select your coop tour, and GO!  The event and coops will be open from 9 AM to 4 PM.

Each year, the number of coops and various routes is defined by the energy of the coopsters and organizers.  We are just getting started for the 2019 tour!

The first year we had about 11 coops and 20 miles of tours, with 2 tours.

In 2016, our 5th year:
1,937 folks signed up; looking at 38 coops; with 13 different bike loops.


The National Heirloom Expo

Over 100 nationally and internationally acclaimed on-topic speakers. Join us in three unique speaker halls, all with their own format.  Choose from individual speakers, expert  panels, or in-depth roundtable discussions.


More details coming….

Mead Making Workshop

Learn to brew your own personal, one of a kind Mead/wine. Raw honey and all the equipment is included with hands on instruction. The opportunity is yours to learn with us and make a quality mead. All the brewing equipment is cleanable and ready for use again when brewing is complete.

Beginning Beekeeping Workshops

Learn the basics of what you need to begin backyard beekeeping, from sourcing your bees, to constructing the hive, to preventing bee swarming and harvesting  honey. This 3 hour classroom workshop will provide you with the terminology and basics needed to become a successful beekeeper. You will learn to identify the different types of bees and brood cells and what a healthy hive needs from you to thrive. You will learn what takes place during different seasons, from starting your hive in the spring to winterizing. You will learn what equipment is needed and why.

See our website for future dates.

Beekeeping Workshops – Happy Hollow

This workshop is based on brood building and making space for new egg laying areas. Manipulating the brood boxes for swarm control. Setting up additional hives placing hives in new zoo boxes.
Attracting swarms, setting up bait box hives. Correct way to install packages and nuc hives. Go over equipment needed to get you through the year.

Includes the use of all needed equipment, hands-on training and
lectures. Adults only class, must be 18 or over to attend. Protective clothing is required.
100% of the workshop fees will benefit Happy Hollow’s
conservation efforts.

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