8th Annual TOUR de COOP

8th Annual Coop Tour is Coming!

The “Silicon Valley Tour de Coop” is really much more than just a few chicken coops – It’s a celebration of the pleasures and rewards of living in a sustainable and nature connected environment by everything from coops, bees to solar panels, grey water systems, urban farming and healthy live styles and everything in between.

So, for the 2019 Tour De Coop let’s expand our tour to also focus on lifestyle and community …and ways that allows each of us to live healthier lives for ourselves and also for the planet.  

Register now for the 2019 Coop Tour – September 14, 2019; 9am – 4pm


This event is FREE and open to anyone with an interest in coops, chickens, biking and urban farming!  Simply register, and you will receive an email with the Tour de Coop map. Print it out, select your coop tour, and GO!  The event and coops will be open from 9 AM to 4 PM.

Each year, the number of coops and various routes is defined by the energy of the coopsters and organizers.  We are just getting started for the 2019 tour!

The first year we had about 11 coops and 20 miles of tours, with 2 tours.

In 2016, our 5th year:
1,937 folks signed up; looking at 38 coops; with 13 different bike loops.


Creating Living Landscapes to Restore Nature’s Relationships

Come watch a video on Douglas Tallamy’s latest book, The Living Landscape: Designing for Beauty and Biodiversity in the Home Garden and discussing the information in the movie. You’ll learn how to change your landscape to attract more creatures, especially caterpillars. Bring some popcorn or your favorite movie snack.

This event is hosted the Santa Clara Valley California Native Plant Society.

Douglas Tallamy is currently professor and chair of the Department of Entomology and Wildlife Ecology at the University of Delaware in Newark, Delaware, where he has taught insect taxonomy, behavioral ecology and other subjects. Chief among his research goals is to better understand the many ways insects interact with plants and how such interactions determine the diversity of animal communities.

3rd Annual Fall Honey Tasting

cHICK n bEES is happy to host their 3rd annual honey tasting event. This years honey tasting will benefit the UC Davis Honey and Pollination Center.  Come on in and meet local beekeepers, watch the bees at work inside our observation hive (try to find the queen) and of course taste some delicious local honey. There will be something for everyone!

Mystery Senses

FREE program, for all ages

Engage your senses in this fun activity for children to guess what farm and nature-based object lies within each mystery box. It might be a shiny object that grows on a tree, or something fluffy a farm animal! After the pop-up, you can use your freshly-inspired senses for a stroll around the farm or a hike in the forest. Join us at the Picnic Tables near the Education Garden.

No registration required. This program is covered by your entrance fee or Season Pass and will take place at the picnic tables near the Education Garden.

A Walk on the Wild Side!

Have you ever wondered what wild animals call your backyard home?   As you explore the habitats of Hidden Villa, experienced guide, Will Mutch, will help you tune in to the many tracks, signs and languages of the animals that create their life on our beautiful land.  These two hours will open your eyes to the world around you.  Please wear comfortable clothes as well as closed-toe shoes and bring along a water bottle and snacks.

For Children ages 7 – 11 years old.

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