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Redwood City Octoberfest – Final Day!

The true tradition of Munich’s famous annual festival comes to Redwood City for Oktoberfest, with a huge decked-out Oktoberfest tent on Courthouse Square – complete with over 1,100 feet of “family style” bench seating, lots of fun and merriment, music, dancing, contests, cold beer and other beverages, food, and more!

The entrance fee includes a commemorative stein & 1 drink ticket (beer or soda depending on ticket type), along with great German-style entertainment featuring AlpinersUSA and The Golden Gate Bavarian Club. Delicious German food and extra drink tickets will be sold separately.

Downtown Redwood City’s Oktoberfest extravaganza offers authentically delicious German food, featuring pretzels and brats, along with enticingly cold beer. Dancing, singing, and tons of audience participation will include dance contests, stein holding, yodeling contest, skits with hand gestures to select songs, etc., not to mention many variations of the “international” chicken dance.

Beer Fridays: Live Music, Food Trucks & Family Party

Enjoy a family friendly, admission-free evening of live music, rotating food trucks and an award winning selection of sustainable handcrafted beer and root beer at Devils Canyon Brewing Company in San Carlos.  Kids and well behaved dogs are welcome. Proceeds from each pint sold at Beer Friday goes to a different charity every month through their “Cheers for Charity” program.

Surfrider San Mateo Social

Join Surfrider San Mateo for a fun social mixer at Half Moon Bay Brewing Company! Meet the team and other members. Find out more about the work of our local Surfrider Chapter and how to get involved. We hope to see you there!

3rd Annual Hop ‘N Vine Festival & Market

This fun event features tastings from wineries and craft breweries located right here in Santa Clara County, as well as lite bites, a history exhibit, great lectures in the “Hop ‘N Vine University,” entertainment, and fun and games on Pavilion Hall patio.

Beerwalk – Japantown

Explore the unique boutique shops, art studios, and great restaurants within the community, all while sipping on great beers and enjoying the social enthusiasm of shopkeepers and beer lovers alike!
The Beerwalk was created beyond the idea of sampling great beers, but rather to provide the outlet for our community to come together to explore the neighborhoods and small businesses, which help keep the Bay Area great.

Brewery Tours

Hermitage Brewing Company

Your trip to our Tap Room is a retreat from the ordinary.  As you sip your pint of fresh brew and soak up the authentic atmosphere, you’ll be a direct witness to our busy bottling line, rumbling forklifts, aging wooden barrels, cantankerous farmers (they hate traffic), and rubber-boot clad brewers.

The Hermitage Tap Room is adorned with an epic mural designed and painted by Erin Salazar, a renowned and prolific local muralist from San Jose. The mural exists in two parts illustrating the growth of the valley and the flourishing of the brewery within and beyond the valley. The warm, vibrant imagery is another retreat from the ordinary.

Tuesday through Friday 4-9 PM
Saturday and Sunday 1-7 PM

Seeds & Suds! Annual Meeting, 20-year celebration

We are 20 years young, come celebrate with us.

4 alerts:

1) Bring a lawn blanket/beach blanket and lawn chairs

2) for the 6pm POTLUCK, bring a dish to share, and bring your own meat / veggies to grill (and seasonings). There are 2 grills at the picnic site. We will provide the charcoal, utensils and cutting boards.

3) Before our event: At 11am will be a “farewell” garden share at Full Circle Farm, across the street. Click here for the details.  At 12p – 1pm they will have a potluck lunch, and at 1pm they will walk over to our event at Raynor Park.

4) GAMES: At 7:30pm, Transition Palo Alto will take the lead after our potluck dinner with offering several games: a bean bag toss to test your coordination and memory, to board games, to cards, there will be something for everyone.

Slow Food South Bay’s
Annual Meeting
Sunday, July 23, 2017
1 – 8 PM
Raynor Park
1565 Quail Ave, Sunnyvale, CA 94087

Click the snail to RSVP!

Seeds and Suds!
Slow Food, Slow Money …and more

  • Share seeds …bring seeds, and /or take seeds home
  • Make beer …this is a Silicon Valley Beer Week event
  • Conversations …talk with Slow Food friends and our Slow local experts on grey water, insect hotels, policies, GMOs, solar cooking, whole grains, and more
  • SLOW MONEY” …will present the world of  “cooperatives”
  • SLOW FOOD” …will share stories of our past 20 years, and conduct elections for new board members.

Our agenda…


Seed exchange: At 1pm, master gardener Hillie Salo, from Silicon Valley Grows & Slow Food South Bay will lead a seed swap. Also, a representative from Master Gardeners will be with us to answer any questions. Hillie will specifically talk about our Slow Food South Bay’s “Curate a Crop” project and the foods that are on the “Ark of Taste.” NOTE: it is not required to bring seeds to share in order to take seeds home with you. Also, the seed sharing will continue throughout the day.


We will celebrate “Silicon Valley Beer Week” …

View their event calendar to see all the events.     Click the logo, or go to SVBeerWeek.com

At 1:30pm, a beer making demo will begin –by the “Umunhum Brewing Cooperative.”  This is one of their “brew days” and their beer making process will continue until 4pm. About every hour, they will talk for 10 mins to discuss their process. Come any time, see the set up, the ingredients, learn the nuances of the process, tips and techniques from local experts and enthusiasts.


Conversations will be led by local experts, come talk with:

NOTE: If you want to lead a conversation, please write to JoniSare@gmail.com

Snacks and beer tastings will be available throughout the day. Bring your favorite beer, or –if you have enough–bring your home brew to share small tastings with others. Please bring local, wholesome snacks to share (homemade is best!).


“Slow Money South Bay” will introduce itself and talk about cooperatives.  Bob Gulino, President of Umunhum Brewing Cooperative  – will talk about the 1st beer co-op in California!   Hank Herrera, President of New Hope Farms  – will talk about the worker cooperative farm in the East Bay and borrowing money from Slow Money friends.  Slow Money is a ‘cousin’ to Slow Food –where local entrepreneurs and local investors meet and greet.


“Slow Food South Bay” is turning 20! Hear stories of the past 20 years, including Terra Madre festival in Italy (Sept 2016), and Slow Food Nations festival in Denver (July 2017). Set the scene for the next 20 years by being a participating member, and fill the 2 Board positions that are open. If you are interested, or want to nominate someone, please write (asap) for details:  info@slowfoodsouthbay.org


POTLUCK and BBQ: Bring a drink or a home-made dish to share. Please bring a list of the ingredients (some people have allergies and need to be able to eat without worry of having a reaction). Include your name, too, because we want to give kudos to who made the dish. Also, there are 2 grills at the picnic site, we will have charcoal, utensils and cutting boards. …so, bring your own meat/veggies to grill.


GAMES! Transition Palo Alto will take the lead after our potluck dinner with several games: a bean bag toss to test your coordination and memory, board games, cards,  …there will be something for everyone.


Please bring your own cup, plate, bowl, napkin and utensils (fork, knife, spoon). We will have some cups, plates, bowls, forks/spoons/knives, napkins for those who don’t bring their own.

Bring a sunscreen, beach blanket, beach chair, umbrella —any shade item is fine. Bring an ice chest to keep your potluck item cold, or bring a haybox to keep it hot.

We will have a couple of 5-gallon jugs of filtered water.


Questions? thoughts? ideas?
Contact Joni Sare:

Click the snail to RSVP!


Slow Food South Bay 2016 Annual Meeting & Local Slow Food Fair Taste’n Sip Event


Campbell Community Center in the Roosevelt Room

JOIN US for Slow Food South Bay’s fifth annual Slow Resources Food Fair and a brief Annual Meeting.  Along with the election of three new board members from our Leadership Team and a quick 2015 review, we are hosting a pop-up market featuringa few of the best bakers, food and drink makers, and farmers who comprise our deliciously unique local food web.  

IMG_7307Stroll, sip and taste your way around the room, meet some of the talented and passionate people who make our slow lifestyle possible and oh so flavorful – and maybe even purchase food, ingredients or condiments for your next meal!  

The STARS of our Slow Food Fair this year are some of the best purveyors in our South Bay…follow their respective links to satisfy your curiosity.

Chow Brothers Pickles
Cloud 9 Flavored Vinegars and Oils
Cooper Garrod Vineyards
Epic Coffee
Gambrel & Co. Craft Butchery
Happy Child CSA & Frog Hollow Farm
Hermitage Brewery and Tied House
La Biscotteria 
Las Lomas Honey & Lavender

Diane Love Kookra Crisps
San Benito Tea Company
Sweetdragon Baking Company
2nd Story Bakeshop
Tour de Coop Silicon Valley

Contact events@slowfoodsouthbay.org with any questions.

Slow Sip: Beer Walk at Santana Row, July 29th

It’s BEER WEEK in Silicon Valley! Join us to get to know local sustainable beers.


Slow Food South Bay presents our first:

“Slow Sip”

Better late than never! We just found out about Silicon Valley Beer Week and want to participate and celebrate with you. So let’s see what the local breweries are up to  …at the Santana Row Beer Walk this coming Wednesday, July 29, 2015, 6pm to 9pm.

What is a “Slow Sip?” ….see the explanation and a coffee tasting date, below.

The Beer Walk:
Silicon Valley Beer Week is already under way (July 24 – Aug 1). There are dozens of events, at dozens of locations, yet we really like the idea of 20 breweries coming together with all their fans (at Santana Row). It’ll be a fun good way to taste and learn about them.

Who is invited:
Anyone can join us… Slow Food South Bay members, former members, friends of members, friends of friends, too!

Where to find us:
Once you get your map, locate the Hermitage Brewing Company — we will be there promptly at 6pm! We will be there until 6:20pm or so, and at that time will go to another Beer stand. We will hand pick –in advance– several beer stands to visit, based on their similar Slow Food values and standards. For those of you coming later, we will give a list to Hermitage that indicates all of our stops so you can catch up with us.

Fee for this event:  $30
The is no fee to Slow Food South Bay for this event, however, you do need to sign up for the Beer Walk on the Santana Row website, here’s the link:

1) Check in between 5 and 5:30pm, so that you can be with us at 6pm. Check in location is at Santana Row Park (the courtyard between Left Bank and Lark Creek Blue).
2) In the case the event does not sell out, tickets can be purchased day of for $38.
3) Designated drivers do not need to purchase tickets.
4) Kids/strollers and dogs may not be allowed in some tasting locations.
5) This info, and more, is at the link, above.

Please let me know you will join us, send me an email and I’ll be watching for you.

Joni Sare, Slow Food South Bay Leader

I’m in Cupertino, does any one want to carpool with me?

Click this image to go to the “Silicon Valley Beer Week” website:

What is a “Slow Sip?”

We want to connect you to good food and good drink. So, this year we are focused on two types of events that feature foodie businesses in our area (Santa Clara County and San Mateo County) that are upholding our Slow sustainable values … good, clean, fair.

1) Our “Slow Dining Adventures” will connect you with food establishments (mostly restaurants). You will learn about our regional food web: where the food is grown, who is cooking it and serving it to us. We will show you how to tap into it and how strengthen it. We have had events at 4 locations: OG Sliders in Cupertino; Johnston’s Saltbox in Belmont/San Carlos; Country Gourmet in Sunnyvale; and Alice’s Restaurant in Woodside. Dates for more Slow Dining Adventures will be posted soon!

2) “Slow Sips” will connect you with anything liquid … wine, beer, coffee, tea (wineries/wine bars, breweries/bars/pubs, coffee houses, etc). Our next Slow Sip will be a “Coffee tasting and presentation” on Sunday, August 9th, 9am to 11am at a private home in Cupertino. Mark your calendar, watch for the announcement. We will also meet with a Morgan Hill winemaker at “Coopervino” the newest wine bar in Cupertino, a date for this event will be announced soon.

We want to know what you know!
Please call or write if you have questions or suggestions for Slow Sips and Slow Dining Adventures (in San Mateo and Santa Clara counties.)

Call or write to Joni Sare, Slow Food South Bay leader: