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3rd Annual Edible Tree Walk Los Altos

Join local food policy expert Peter Ruddock, GreenTown executive director and local permaculturist Kris Jensen, and a local chef for a fun and informative walk near downtown Los Altos. We’ll meander through a residential neighborhood stopping to identify and discuss the wide variety of trees we have that produce something edible.

4th Annual Edible Tree Walk

Walk under the edible tree canopy in Palo Alto, from Johnson Park to Elizabeth F. Gamble Garden. This will be a guided tour hosted by local arborists, historians, botanist, and culinarians, to introduce you to 20+ (public and private) edible trees along this route.

WHEN: Saturday, June 8, 2019; 10am – 12pm
LOCATION: Tour begins at Johnson Park (corner of Waverly St & Everett Ave) and the tour ends at Gamble Garden.
DISTANCE: 1 mile (a one-way tour, a van shuttle is available if needed)

Click here for info about our Edible Tree Walks — an overview, resource links, recipes and more.

Van shuttle:
Please note that this is a one-way tree walk. The Canopy van will be available to shuttle 7 people at a time back to the starting point, about 1 mile.

Go here to sign up for our “Edible Urban Forest” and any other tree walks that Canopy offers:

This walk is sponsored by Canopy <http://canopy.org , Slow Food South Bay <http://slowfoodsouthbay.org/> , Transition Palo Alto <https://transitionpaloalto.org/> , South Bay Bioregional Hub, and Silicon Valley Permaculture Guild.

10th Annual Monterey Bay Greenhouse Tours Plant and Flower Sale

Come visit the beautiful flower and plant farms of Monterey Bay!  Ever wonder what beauty lies behind the glass in a greenhouse?  Now’s your chance to find out during the 10th Annual Monterey Bay Greenhouse Tours – Plant & Flower Sale!  Participating greenhouses will be open to the public June 8th between the hours of 10:00am-4:00pm.  There is an array of flowers, herbs, plants and trees to see ranging from roses to gerberas, succulents to citrus trees, and more while touring these Monterey Bay farms.

This event is FREE and open to the public, thanks to our sponsors.

There is no specific start point for the tour and no reservations are necessary.  Just pick to start at any of the participating nurseries and go!  We also have a couple of locations with food and beverages available and a few special presentations, rain or shine!! Come and enjoy this day of fun with your entire family! Each of the five locations on the map have a portion of their sales benefitting a local non-profit organization.

Macy’s Flower Show 2019 – Journey to Paradisios

Every year Macy’s welcomes Spring with the annual Flower Show—a magnificent themed floral extravaganza that takes place in three flagship stores across the country. This spring, Macy’s Herald Square in New York City, Macy’s State Street in Chicago and Macy’s Union Square in San Francisco celebrate a more than 70-year floral tradition with Journey to Paradisios, Operation: Inspiration, an otherworldly realm of glorious blossoms, lush plant life and amazing flora where visitors experience what could exist in the great beyond.

For more than 70 years, Macy’s Flower Show has delighted generations of floral aficionados with over-the-top presentations of lavish gardens that showcase millions of live flowers, plants, and trees from around the globe. Native to many different landscapes, Macy’s Flower Show offers visitors a unique opportunity to enjoy these florals blooming in unison, despite their distinct climatic DNA.

Taking root in unexpected settings, such as store countertops, windows and specially designed architecture, including grand bridges, columns, and topiaries, Macy’s Flower Show is staged in distinct fashion at each of the three locations. The show is free to the public and open during regular show hours.

The 2019 Flower Show, Journey to Paradisios, is a space-inspired floral fantasy featuring marvelous celestial blooms. Transporting fans into a multi-dimensional world of space, adventure and discovery through flowers and eccentrically landscaped gardens, Journey to Paradisios celebrates the wonder and mystery of the cosmos.

Growing Citrus Trees in Containers

Do you want to plant a citrus tree but do not think you have room for one? You can plant many types of citrus trees in containers. Come for a free library talk on Growing Citrus Trees in Containers presented by UC Master Gardener Elizabeth Evans. Elizabeth will discuss the various types of citrus trees that you can plant in containers, planting method, pruning, fertilizing and watering, frost protection, and identifying and managing pests and diseases.

Planting Fruit Trees – Discussion and Planting Demonstration – San Jose

Would you like to have fruit trees in your back yard ? Have you seen all of the bare root fruit trees for sale in the nurseries and home garden centers  lately? Wonder what is involved in planting and growing your own apples or pears or cherries or plums or peaches? Come join us as we begin to plant our own orchard at Martial Cottle Park. We will discuss why bare-root trees are a bargain and a great way to start growing your own fruit trees. We will also discuss where to site your trees, how to prepare the area, and how to prune your new fruit trees to create a sturdy and productive structure that will allow you to control your tree’s size and harvest fruit without an orchard ladder! Then we will go out to our orchard area and give a bare-root tree planting demonstration.

Back Yard Fruit Tree Basics – Los Altos

Do you want to plant a fruit tree or do you already have one? Learn what you should consider before you purchase one and how to keep your fruit trees healthy. Come join us for a free library talk on Back Yard Fruit Tree Basics, presented by UC Master Gardener Kalpana Jain. She will discuss the various types of fruit trees, planting location and method, pruning, fertilizing and watering, frost protection, and identifying and managing pests and diseases.

Fruit Tree Selection and Care

This is the perfect time to plant fruit trees from “bare root” stock. Plants grown from bare root often are more vigorous and healthy and it is less expensive to buy a bare root plant than a nursery plant. How do you find and select the best trees? What is the recommended way to plant – including when and how to prune initially? The answer to that might surprise you! Learn about some of the less common fruit trees, such as pomegranate, Jujube and Mulberry, where to find and buy your own plants, and which fruit tree varieties do best in our area. Come learn about these topics and much more from Master Gardener Kalpana Jain.